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    Mate, the survival of Murin-Murin is important but not vital to the health of the laterites.

    Phelps Dodge may have announced (see possible story on that they may spend US$20m for a feasibility study on a laterite deposit in Madagascar grading 210mt at 1.1% Ni and 0.1%Co.

    In comparison, Heron has got 210mt at 1.03% Ni and 0.08% Co and most importanlty at least 130mt @ 1.3% Ni and 0.11%Co and possibly as high as 180mt or maybe more.

    All these information are in the last quarterly.

    Heron's deposit is in a risk-free stable political country while Phelps is in a non risk-free politcally unstable country.

    I wonder how Andrew Forest would get someone to dish out 1.2bio dollars for his thomas the tank engine railroad scheme after the mess he created at Anaconda.

    owns HRR; does not own ANL
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