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CRS's Gold Reserves

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    It is quite an irony that some puindits on this forum seem fixated on CRS's "official" gold reserve life of two years.

    Production is running (conservatively) at 300 oz. p.a.

    Its Norseman gold fields have been continuously producing gold for some 60 years .... That's right ... 60 long years. It makes the Norseman field the longest continuously producing gold environ in Australian mining history.

    Before CRS acquired the Norseman gold acreage it was "held in trust" by WMC. WMC, for a long time was moving towards divesting itself of it gold interests (a move which, by the way, it may well come to regret). Consequently WMC has not fully explored or realised the potential of the Norseman prospect.

    Now ... I ask you .... seriously .... what are the odds of a 60 year continously producing major gold province suddenly running dry?

    About 1000 to 1 in my estimation.

    Already CRS 's early drilling programme has uncovered additional reserves and encouraging anomalies. And, rest assured, there will be more exciting news to come.

    CRS (unlike WMC) is serious about exploiting the huge potential of Norseman. It has the management, the expertise and the capital to do so.

    In my opinion, negative talk about CRS's reserves is a furphy .... a red herring ... and should be seen for what it is.

    CRS is destined to become a major gold producer in the near future ..... unless it goes the way of Normandy, Hill 50 and Aurion Gold.

    I hope it does not get taken over before it realises its full potential.

    I hate seeing our sound and undervalued Aussie gold mining stocks in the hands of foreign ownership at what are (or what will be) bargain basement prices.

    CRS is a $2.00 + stock over the long haul ... mark my words.

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