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crs. re: strange orders : attention ripsnorter.

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    Hi Snorts !

    I see that your post has been read 84 times but no replies, so I'll give you my two bobs worth.

    Yes .................. there have been some odd things happen in the market depth screens of late.
    Course of Trades as well.

    Can't help you with definite explanation on what you asked, maybe just brokers tidying up their trading books
    as I have seen that occur myself over quite a long period of time, like all of a sudden you'll see a number of
    trades usually in the hundreds all the same ........................ !

    Studying market depth there seems to me to be a fair bit of institutional buying ( or swapping of stock ) going
    on ( the same broker being the seller and the buyer ) ......................... notice the rather big trades 50 / 80 / 100
    thousands parcels. For e.g.. AMP may still be buying, or others ....................... getting set.
    I sold my holdings the other day @ 78 cents and am sitting on the side lines just watching the process. It got a
    little unnerving for me watching this and I was in profit so I moved out, may wait for a break-out or take
    another look after that log jam at 80 cents is cleared one way or the other.

    As individual traders, ( I'm assuming you are one too ) it is often difficult to know what is really going on ( in
    the short term ) and the small trader is the last to know ( who at the big end of the game gives a sh*t ? ) I have
    my trading accounts with TDW and they will like most, only provide you with a certain level of information,
    both on your screen or on the phone, one thing I would like to see is the various brokers codes so we could all
    see who is buying from whom and who is selling to whom ......................... but that would be too much to ask
    wouldn't it ? ............................... I mean, we might know what's going on, or at least be able to see it, after
    all, every broker has those codes on their screens before them why not us ?

    As always, as smaller traders, we are aware that we are swimming with 'sharks' and need to take the
    appropriate safe guards but it would still be nice to be armed with what they are, sort of put us more on an
    even footing if that's possible !

    Back to CRS, I may regret my selling and I may not, it just seems a bit odd at the moment with institutional
    buying etc. probably getting set as I have no doubt that CRS is going higher, I have my own TA on that but
    won't include that here ( bound to be accused of ramping ) but gold goes up $3:00 in New York and CRS
    doesn't move in price, gold goes down next day $3:00, again CRS doesn't move ..................... you'll notice
    today for example, late this morning, the volume was about 180,000 odd, 20 minutes later it's 900,000.
    You'll also notice the intermittent stacking of both sides of the M/D screen, then all of a sudden, they disappear
    only to reappear at a later date ? Dare I mention the 'M' word.

    I just have the feeling that if the pin is pulled on the 'managing' of the M/D, we could see a nasty and sudden
    drop in the CRS share price, from which it would no doubt recover given time but if trading is what you depend
    on for a living, as opposed to the longer term type investment, then sudden and nasty loss of capital is not
    something that thrills me a lot.

    You poor bugger 'Snorts', if you've read this far, you'll probably be sorry you mentioned it by now
    ........................... sounds like I'm having a real whinge I know, could be I just don't understand what is
    happening right now so I'm happy to be on the side for the moment, perhaps some others with more experience
    than I might want to add some comments etc. I'll probably get sh*t canned but there you go, for what it's
    worth ..................... there's my couple of 'bob'.

    ( I'd like to hear 'xerxes' view point on this )

    Good luck and successful trading

    I do not hold any shares in CRS

    Camelot ........................... !
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