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    Apart from getting a much better grip on the english language you obviously need a trip to a health farm.

    I for one still sing UCG praises, maybe not as often, but sustained nevertheless. I don't know about Dex, who seems to have got himself a few extra bits of work that have kept him away from here.

    The truth is CXY will now deliver. No doubt. If there's one company in Queensland that WILL be allowed to deliver, it's CXY. (Now before everyone else descends on me, I also hope the other two UCG companies are allowed to delvier to).

    The industry is an answer to cleaner coal while we wait for some new technology. If all mined coal was UCG'd instead (and I know you can't actually do that with shallow coal mines) the world's CO2 levels would drop dramatically. UCG gets many times more energy from the same patch as CSM. Therefore to Governments it is worth considerably more royalties. UCG will go ahead.

    I've also posted another message that will show my confidence.
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