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I prefer to remain a pessimist as far as Gladys & the Libs are...

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    I prefer to remain a pessimist as far as Gladys & the Libs are concerned until they show me otherwise. When she last talked to Alan Jones she started off by saying how concerned she was that the courts could release people who are corrupt, which Jones quickly pulled her up on saying that MacDonald/Maitland are legally innocent and entitled to be treated as such & that we need to support the judgement of our courts. She backed off on this approach in that conversation at least, but it seemed to me that in her mind MacDonald & co are still guilty as sin, and still a political target.

    My guess is that her "ethical standards" will not be directed at the past actions of Liberal governments. Instead I feel there's a chance she might be doing this as a prelude to enacting new legislation on ministerial misconduct, which would override the "but for" element of the precedent set by the Supreme Court in their decision to release MacDonald. Perhaps they'd want new legislation in place which would increase the odds of a retrial finding MacDonald/Maitland guilty, not to mention the upcoming Obeid case. The last thing the Libs want is all these "corrupt" Labor pollies getting off scot free, and the last thing they want is having to reverse BOF's mining act amendment and pay compensation to NuCoal. They'll dig in rather than eat humble pie.

    I'm not saying the above is going to happen and please don't think I'm being bearish here - I think the tide is going against the Libs and they'll find it tough going if this is the agenda they want to push. And I hope to be pleasantly susprised and hear Gladys talk about the need to redress past mistakes and compensate innocent stakeholders.
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