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    re: avl pocket of tribal conflict to end and rela I dont believe current security problems will be an issue in the Sth East NT and Ive never said they would be.In fact if you look back aways,depending on how far back the posts will go,I have maintained that there was little chance of this area being exposed to rebel conflict.It is pretty much geographically isolated by jungle covered ranges and has little infrastructure to connect the southern end of Lake Tanganyika to Lake Moero to allow transport of rebel forces,if they ever incurred that far South again.Im just clarifying this one as you appear to think thats what I believe.

    What I do believe is that as long as the country cannot get a decent democratic government together that can effectively manage the country,then theres little hope in the discount for risk being reduced.Proof of the pudding is the fact that the stock price is staying within the parameters set by Chartpac a while back.

    Cheers domum.
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