Critical Times as Foretold, page-3

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    Goodday you two Doomsday merchants (Surat and MrG),

    How's the waiting for the destruction of most of us by fire at the hands of your Your God of Love going?

    You are obviously being given a lot of practice as you were first promised this in the 19th century - I'm sorry that your Lords and Masters over at Watchtower have to continuously announce postponements to the glorious event which doesn't seem to concern you.

    You are eventually going to be disappointed. A guy in shining armour on horseback sword at the ready hasn't put in an appearance to save your skin and to toast the rest of us as promised by your Watchtower Lords and Masters over and over again and by now you should realise that they have sold you a dud,

    Only humans can save us from the problems created by humans.
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