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critical news to underpin further upsize

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    Holders of WPG should receive further good news soon.
    Two critical announcementsshould due to release any time:

    1/ Bankable Feas Study (hematite): this should already completed (otherwise should be soon) by independent expert. I expects this to show the capital cost, and earnings (EBITDA) up to $50mln P.A for 10 years.

    2/ Financing/capital raising for the hematite project: should be together with the bank Feas Study. We might see a foreign investors onboard, i prefer capital raising to go to s/holders but this is unlike. However, with a foreign investors involvement, it will show the confidence of real players who know the iron ore projects are viable/profitable.....

    IMO, WPG is still very cheap, only 83mln shares (fully diluted) on issued. Earnings will start to come in from next year with EBITDA from the hematite alone will be around $50mln EBITDA. Then, there is the huge 670 mln tonnes of magnetite resources......

    Bring it on!!!!!
    Target: $3 by end of next year.
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