criminarf and criminall

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    bruce come dip a naughty toe
    in wicked deeds what a laugh
    I did I dipped along with joe
    now I’m a criminarf

    cripes! how uncool.... petty theft
    on neither side walks tall
    hey bud what’d they do ya for....grrr
    ... I vows to be a criminall

    I was and ended up inside
    bail me to the narrow parf
    they did an now I goes ta church
    rehab for a crimilaugh

    forgive me farver I ‘ave sinned
    I musta for I got caught
    redemption and forgiveness my son
    now I’m a criminought

    thanks I have no sufferin
    or shame or guilt or ‘ate
    but just ta keep me ‘and in
    I nicks the collection plate

    then me feet gets tangled
    an down ‘oly steps I fell
    sorry farver don't send me
    to joe in criminhell

    I really ain’t meself right now
    I’m allergic to the ol bill
    unable to face a court a law
    cos I’m a criminill

    last time bruce you were napoleon
    then the pope beatin on ya drum
    iatrogenics should be banned! ya said
    and doc lost his tenaculum
    he tranced and uninspecting
    re-ordered what was missed
    no mutiny no scrutiny
    from the criminologist
    but quick to call an officer
    morality! they insist

    hey joe why am I back in ‘ere
    amongst you motley fold.....
    ya stepped on sensibilities ya mug
    in strivin' after gold
    aborted petty theft our rap
    we chronic criminold
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