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    I don,t think that the Minister is very impressed by this latest attack, just when is it going to get through to Creasy, he lost fair and square.
    OK, he attended and participated in the ballot, his marble didn,t come out, but what if it did?, I don,t think Beal would have been in any sort of financial position to do what this sore loser is doing, so much for the law, so, what doe,s this say?, I mean, just how much more of this blatant abuse of process will the State put up with?.
    I remember Creasy saying you must have patience in this game, but this is quite clearly just a personal vendetta against Beal, they hate each other, Creasy has set out to destroy him financially, nearly did it too.
    One other thing I vaguely recall, is ADX changed their constitution some years ago to prevent a takeover, not quite sure of the details tho, otherwise Creasy could have taken ADX out around 12c., which at the time would have been cheaper than the legal fees, he could have had ADX for $6 million.
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