creans gone missing

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    ABC Online;
    Former Labor Party pollster Rod Cameron has accused Simon Crean of "going missing" since he was re-elected as federal Opposition leader.

    Mr Cameron says Labor's prospects at the next election are not very promising.

    He says that is because Mr Crean has failed to dent Prime Minister John Howard's commanding lead on national security issues and he has not explained what Labor stands for generally.

    "He had a wonderful opportunity after he re-won the leadership," Mr Cameron said.

    "He came out with a policy of two, and that's fine, but the task was much bigger and it's seems to me that he's gone missing.

    "Simon Crean needed to do a couple of things when he assumed the leadership.

    "He had to minimise the enormous lead that John Howard has in this area of national and international security.

    "The Prime Minister owns this position, he strides it like a colossus and no other functionary in Australian politics comes close to him."

    He added: "Labor hasn't laid a glove on him, Labor hasn't got a position


    And that comment is from the Labor side.
    Just goes to show how out of touch the US haters on here are with the feelings of the great majority of Australians.

    Dave R.
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