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    Let me remind you LABBS what you said and to which I object:

    " No country in the history of the world is responsible for more civilian deaths than the US "

    I tried to point out to you how this was not so, based on numbers, you have given no numbers. (Look at that "more civilian deaths" in your statement.) All you have done is to point to problems and blame the US for the problems. I can concede that the US had a role in Iran & Iraq but I cannot blame them for civilian deaths. I can concede that the US, way back, played a role in the genesis of the current Israel/Palestine problem, but i cannot blame them for the civilian deaths. (And who brokered a Palestinian state on a plate for Arafat - Clinton!) I am sorry, but I just do not know of any reason why the US should be blamed for any Soviet deaths in the 70's. Maybe you could inform me of the reasons.

    If you want to stand by a statement that cannot be substantiated then so be it. But it is certainly an untruth.



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