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    Hi Labbs,

    Why is it that the USA has no excuses to justify a rise in the DOW?

    War or peace, it really should not matter.

    But, to many of us out there, we desire peace, and not war. If Iraq is not contained, or if Saddam does not co-operate, then something dreadful may well occur. This will either result in an attack against US interests in the Middle East, or against other western leaning Middle Eastern powers, or as is most likely, against either Israel or against Turkey (think Incirlik).

    In any of these circumstances, the Middle East will be ablaze, perhaps radiated from the fallout of an Israeli response to a biological or chemical attack from an Iraqi launched Scud.

    I, therefore, agree that Saddam is toying with the world at the moment. That is why the global community must stand up and enforce the resolutions and requirments of the Security Council, to ensure Iraq's compliance with those resolutions.

    Today may well have been a first step towards achieving this as an outcome. If so, the price of peace will be reflected in the value of prosperity being achieved.

    If not, then we may all be doomed either militarily, through a major regional /global war, or economically, through the collapse of the global economic system where few, if any of us, will survive.

    Either way, the markets are just as much reflective of public sentiment, of confidence, and of a belief in the future, as they are of trading fundamentals.

    If not, then why is it that so many traders practice T/A behaviour withofut giving a frig to the consequences of their actions?

    Have a good evening.
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