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Crap & Conspiracy - Look at the BIG PIC

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    So much noise about the share price and the current "steady state" of the pricing

    IF some one playing with 5-10 mill shares can stop the price going up ...then it says to me that the buyers
    just dont want to pay to get into this stock , and there aren't enough people who are aware of it , or...who can be bothered to learn more about it - thats how it goes .

    Yes everyone would like to get in cheaper & for someone who has only just heard of the stock
    ....its clear that there has been a 400% rise over the last 9 months or so ... ( like so many other stocks )

    Someone might be trying to accumulate a decent stake - good luck to them

    They might get close to 5% ...that could happen .... they could take many of the top 20 shareholders out to dinner
    promise them lots and so secure their shares for a take over . They could drive up to see the Cattle farmers who own a couple of hundred mill shares and who are now up 100 % on their investment over 4 months or so ...... they maybe could be persuaded to flip .

    Frankly there is absolutely nothing anyone can do to stop what ever is happening . IMU's brokers could have already done a deal with a big player ...etc etc etc

    Hopefully the science is all good ... and more people climb aboard .

    Pricing is about supply & demand

    Once people understand what "Might be Possible " with IMU then we should see the game change

    For the moment I reckon its just another stock in the eyes of most of the market
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