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    At last some justice for the HSU workers......

    DISGRACED former MP Craig Thomson will for the first time face questioning under oath over the alleged hiring of prostitutes with union money after Fair Work Australia revived key planks of its civil case against him.
    Fair Work Australia general manager Bernadette O’Neill said today that in order for the former head of the Health Services Union to be held account for the misuse of member’s money, she was going to “re-enliven” civil allegations of fraud involving the use of escorts.
    The civil case by FWA against Thomson, launched following the commission’s lengthy investigation into the National Office of the HSU, was put on hold while he faced criminal charges.
    Late last year, Thomson escaped jail but was fined $25,000 after he was found guilty of 13 counts of stealing from union, but escaped conviction on 49 charges of deception after a judge found a technical error in the prosecution’s charges.
    Ms O’Neill said she believed FWA had “good prospects” of success in relation to Thomson’s alleged misuse of union funds for sex and personal expenditure.
    “I will be seeking to re-enliven matters relating to Mr Thomson’s alleged inappropriate use of union credit cards for escort services and personal expenditure whilst he was on annual leave,” she said.
    “In Mr Thomson’s recent criminal trial it was not found that he did not engage in this conduct, rather it was found that the framing of the charges did not support a conviction.
    “On this basis, I believe it is in the public interest for Mr Thomson to be held to account for his
    alleged conduct.”
    National Security of the HSU, Chris Brown, said Thomson needed to be held account for the alleged illegal use of union money and union members needed to hear his explanation under oath.
    “While he has admitted that he spent the money he still adopts the view that he was authorised to do so,” Mr Brown said. “He was absolutely not authorised to do so.”
    The civil case is due to begin next month and is expected to take two weeks.
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