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cracking the battery barrier

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    An interesting article that indentifies where CFU is situated atm?

    "Wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to worry about your cellphone losing its charge? How about your laptop, MP3 player, even your car?

    While the global battery market is enormous--some $55 billion, according to the Freedonia Group, a Cleveland-based market research firm--batteries remain one of the most limiting technologies in the modern age, thanks in great part to the pesky laws of chemistry and metallurgy. Meanwhile, the need for generating and storing renewable, sustainable energy continues to swell.

    That spells massive opportunity for the tech-savvy start-ups trying to crack through these barriers--and potentially massive relief for throngs of frustrated consumers."............

    "Yet a third technology is vying for supremacy: fuel cells. These devices convert oxygen and stored hydrogen to produce electricity; the only emission is harmless water vapor. As long as fuel is present, the cells keep pumping." .............

    "Impressive, perhaps. But as in any industry, breaking new ground in the battery business isn't only about mastering the technology. When you're a small fry, it's also about convincing the masses to give you a shot.

    "The performance advantage has to be compelling," says Lawler of Battery Ventures. "Customers are always nervous about buying from a start-up company." ".

    It appears to me that CFU are in a lead position, and , have just been given their 'GO' with the recent order which will now allow them to convince the market and prove "The Performance Advantage" the CFU units offer.

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