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    along with Next Digital and SMS Central delivering The Bongo Virus.
    gigantic worldwide launch this new year

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    Generation 'Y' Princess Paris Hilton to Launch Bongo Computer 'Virus'


    November 12, 2008

    * Original PRWeb article: Generation 'Y' Princess Paris Hilton to Launch Bongo Computer 'Virus' Read the original story

    Sydney, Australia 12th November 2008 -- Young Australian Entrepreneur William Scott has signed Generation 'Y' Princess Paris Hilton to launch in person his latest business venture - The Bongo Virus (www.thebongovirus.com) at an exclusive event in Sydney that will be the world's biggest online New Year's Eve party (www.bongoparis.com), expected to be watched by millions of Generation 'Yers' around the world.

    'I love the idea... Sydney is going to go off this New Year's Eve with The Bongo Virus. I can't wait to be partying with the Aussies and Benji deejaying by my side,' said Paris Hilton in Los Angeles today.

    'Generation 'Y' is the most information rich, perceptive, intelligent group the world has ever seen. The Bongo Virus for the first time brings this group together using unique technology with a real human person behind it,' said Founder and CEO of CommQuest Limited, 29-year-old William Scott, owner of The Bongo Virus.

    It's Virgin-meets-Facebook on the PC/mobile phone with a 'Blair Witch Project' guerrilla marketing campaign and in a world's first joining more than 2.5 billion mobile phones to 1 billion PCs via a positive computer 'virus' called The Bongo Virus.

    The New Year's Eve party will be hosted by Paris Hilton and DJ'd by her boyfriend Benji Madden at a secret location in Sydney, Australia and will be streamed live over www.bongoparis.com so Generation 'Yers' can view the party online or via their mobile phone and interact live at the same time for a small entry fee of USD$5.

    TheBongoVirus.com is the world's first platform that converges the mobile phone and the internet to provide social networking and the latest phone applications all in one place.

    There are three good reasons why The Bongo Virus is different:
    1) It has a human element unlike other robotic websites e.g. Facebook etc
    2) It has been designed by Generation 'Y' for Generation 'Y'
    3) Participants have influence over where 5% of the profits go to charity and how they want the website designed

    'Generation 'Y' has become disillusioned with the world because they lack recognition and respect from the wider community. The Bongo Virus is their answer to express and re-engage with the community in an online revolution,' William added.

    Bongo is already a huge global success by providing an 'all questions answered' service via SMS where answers are responded by real people back to its users.

    'Bongo taught us a lot about what people wantby the questions they ask. They want to be connected back to the community and respected. The Bongo Virus is the answer to their frustrations,' said William.

    About The Bongo Virus
    TheBongoVirus.com is the world's first platform that converges the mobile phone and Internet to provide social networking and the latest phone applications all in one. It is a platform that amalgamates a number of different mobile and PC applications such as instant messaging, ringtones, games and celebrity news.

    TheBongoVirus.com is not only about fun interactions, it also wants to make a positive difference in the world. By donating 5 percent of net profits annually, members can freely choose any charity or cause they feel passionate about.

    Bongobarter, Bongosocial and Bongo People's Front (BPF) actively promotes social networking through the website with forums and upcoming events. They are purely PC based and will provide users with a limitless amount of entertainment, and unite communities globally.

    TheBongoVirus.com is the first of its kind and really is... technology with personality. Simply register via TheBongoVirus.com to download this unique portal. With this application, users will be able to store messages, downloaded games, music and obtain free gossip updates conveniently and without the need to go online.
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