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    CPU is yet another one that I don't follow closely.
    I think that unless CPU's price rises in the next few months then it will be knocked out of the ASX100 as I believe it's market cap is currently too low to stay in. I believe the market cap is averaged over a period when the decision is taken. Falling out of the ASX100 would push the price down a fair way as the ASX100 funds dumped it. Of course it has been edging up very recently so this might continue.

    However, if you look at the numbers below which are based on last years earnings and yesterdays share price you will see that the PE ratio is still fairly high and they have a negative NTA. This isn't real good from a fundamental point of view.

    I guess I don't see any reason for a sustained price rise nor a major drop in price.

    INVESTMENT AND FINANCIAL SERVICES > Miscellaneous Financial Services

    Shares and Earnings
    Total Shares on Issue 554,218,613
    Market Capitalisation - Current $1,219,280,949
    Asset Backing
    (Net Tangible Assets) -.06
    Earning Rate Per Share 0.0810
    PE Ratio - Current 27.1605
    Can be short sold Yes

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