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    I have no views at the moment on AXN although on fundamentals (using recent announcements) they don't seem like a great bargain at the moment. This doesn't mean they won't continue to rise but I doubt that it will be sustained until they can come out with some positive news.

    Your experience is fairly common with brokers. The "smaller" private clients often get the stocks that the bigger clients want to unload.

    Some of the bigger brokers have been (and still are) recommending NCP all the way down from $15, ERG down from $2 and PWR until very recently. JBWere told a friend to buy ERG at $2 and only told him that it was a sell when it got down to the thirty cent area. And then there is GRO at $2 (not necessarily recommended by JBW) and I could go on and on. Perhaps listening to their recommendations to buy and selling once you have a 2% of total capital loss might work. Riding them all the way down to the bottom then selling is the worst outcome you can have.

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