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CPH the most undervalued stock on the ASX - based on market comparisons

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    Based on comparisons to a number of almost identical or very similar psychedelics companies' CPH are unbelievably undervalued.

    In the weeks following Mind Medicine announcing they were entering into the psychedelics market, they added nearly 1 Billion Dollars to their market cap... (share price chart below) Their Psychedelics research is seemingly at the same or a very similar level to that of CPH.

    Other companies include Compass Pathways (1.9B market cap) and HAVN Life Sciences (200M market cap) to just name a few among many many more.

    Its only a matter of time before everyone wakes up and realises CPH is the most undervalued stock on the ASX. If you think about it in terms of if Creso were to rise 1000% just like mind med the share price would be $2.... having now settled at around the $280 mark that is still a 600% rise which if you applied that to CPH their share price would be $1,2... This is just one of so many examples showing market comparisons which illustrate the real global market value of psychedelics.

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