cpa capping price again?

  1. NT
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    Note the half million sell orders at 16 cents.

    It appears CBA has decided to continue accumulating over a period at 15 to 15.5 cents.

    By placing a number of sell orders at 16 cents CBA forces sellers to take a lesser price should they be keen to sell. (Always some sellers silly or mistaken or under duress)
    The only alternative for sellers is to place a sell order at 16 cents (or more) and wait - and wait.

    The CBA strategy will only continue to work if there is little buying competition.

    If numbers of smaller purchasers (or an institution) gazump CBA by loading up at 15 to 15.5 cents the CBA blocking strategy will fail.

    AVL is a well managed company going places.

    And CBA knows so.


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