cows jump from trailer, go 'shopping'

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    Cows Jump From Trailer, Go 'Shopping'

    1 hour, 18 minutes ago - AP

    TWIN FALLS, Idaho - A couple of cows must have been in the mood for some holiday shopping when they jumped out of a moving trailer on busy boulevard.

    One of the Holstein heifers headed for ShopKo, and the other headed for Taco Bell. After Saturday's escape, owner Alberto Ribera of Jerome took a look at the livestock gate and laughed.

    "They jumped it," he said.

    He had been headed to the local livestock sale when the animals decided to make their getaway. Officers with the Twin Falls Police Department and the Twin Falls County Sheriff's Department arrived to help get the animals back in their pen.

    The heifers showed no sign of major injury, but they appeared to be shaken up by their ordeal.

    In the end, animals and owner reached a compromise.

    "I'm going to take them back home," Ribera said.
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