Just very happy to see this result removing the big brother...

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    Just very happy to see this result removing the big brother (Admin) powers in Universities. It seems to be about taking sides rather than sit on the fence and have an open mind. It removes a totalitarian attitude that I hope will progress outside into the greater spheres of mankind. Maybe it can do away with "the do as I say, not as I do" authoritarianism of the left.


    Who is the motivator for all this? Dr Peter Ridd offers"What will they do about the (James Cook Uni's) VC and SDVC who were responsible for bringing the university into disrepute, not just in North Queensland, but also around the world"

    and this about search for truth (or why is freedom of speech so important?):
    296. To use the vernacular, the University has “played the man and not the ball”. Incredibly, the University has not understood the whole concept of intellectual freedom. In the search for truth, it is an unfortunate consequence that some people may feel denigrated, offended, hurt or upset. It may not always be possible to act collegiately when diametrically opposed views clash in the search for truth.

    And why does Rugby have to listen to greater (money) powers over Israel Folau? I heard today that Rugby imposed what I call censures in his social media in his last contract. My smal bank wants to tell me how green thay are when I want them to just be a bank first.

    And while talking about powers, this from News Corp CEO:

    "There is no doubt that a mob mentality has taken hold in much of the West, and among the most pronounced of the mobs are illiberal liberals who are roaming the landscape in the seemingly endless, insatiable quest for indignation and umbrage. It is vituperation as virtue."

    And by the way Chicago, in middle of spring, just received 5 inches of snow. Just not what the mob wanted if they search for truth, hey?

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