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Countercyclical slam dunk

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    You only need a couple of traders who flip stock to stop the price moving forward in a thin market. Don’t worry, they will sell and be taken out in due course, the stock will eventually move imo. You don’t raise $15m at any price if you’re not on the money. RTG is a winner, regardless of the short sighted idiot factor. Its normal in crushed resource markets. The big miners are moving today, but some of that run is just short covering. The sector has been seriously unloved for some time. Some gold stocks have bounced, but these gold stocks lost far more of their value from the highs that RTG ever did. RTG performed really well in comparison to most copper gold stocks.
    As this develops, the stock will double very quickly imo. Funds tend to run their own numbers, look for milestone points (license) and then they will come. They will really come for this if they think it’s in play next year but it will be a lot higher by then.
    RTG only has 134m shares on issue with approx $20m cash, 2 high grade open deposits, one under license application, and the team to develop with mine life and infrastructure around them. This thing will play serious catch up games when the times right. The market does not pay for this upfront any more, it will definitely pay for it when it happens and that’s not too far away for us. The funds understand the risks and must think the times right. Traders don’t get the timing or care, they look at the price all the time.
    Markets either under value or over value stocks all the time. I remember the analysts all saying that Western Mining was worth a few bucks and BHP ended up starting a bidding war and taking it out at $8 within weeks of that.
    I view RTG has a countercyclical slam dunk. No one wants it yet, even though the ducks have been lined up for all to see. They will want it. PIR was in Mali, had rebel fighters in the press, a dropping gold price, $400m capex and yet B2 paid over $500m for it with the license. I reckon this is going to be just like that imo. Please dyor or seek advice.
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