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countdown to trials

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    expect an annoucement on clinical trials anyday as it was hinted in previous ann, i've been accumulating at these bargain prices. Recently has the media been talking about cancer cures, notably Phenoxodiol by NRT (market cap $500mil, sp $5).

    Over the weekend there was tv publicity of another cancer breakthrough (on 2 vital proteins), but not many investors realise it was talking about work ACU (market cap only $11m, sp $0.19) is developing in regards to p53. The clinical trials of the Pentrix vaccine will go into full phase 2 trials. When this occurs, expect more publicity.

    quote from Dr Strasser "the work was the "hottest area of medical research" at the moment and the Australian team had beaten researchers in Europe, the United States and Japan to the punch."

    The research was published on Friday in the prestigious journal Science.

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