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    We are expecting the quarterly report at the end of July and I thought it worthwhile to devote this page to it.

    I start with a post, dated June 20. This was written on the Ozestock ASC site and attempts to reconcile suggested numbers:

    " Projections:----

    Simon, following on from post 699, ASC predicted NPAT of $23.2 mill. in the year to June 2003 (P/E of 5.3 based on a share price of 40 cents).

    If there were *no* growth during that year, then we need $5.8 mill per quarter, all cash.

    That would mesh in nicely with cash increasing to 5.8 mill. in the June quarter of 2002. That would be 11.5% growth on the previous quarter of 5.2 mill.: see post 699. That in turn was a 25% growth on the 4.2 mill earned before.

    Summary, Cash growth :
    2002, quarter:
    1: Negative.
    2: 4.2 m.
    3: 5.2 m. (+25%,actual).
    4: 5.8 m. (+11.5%,suggested, but could be low).

    2003, nil growth, $5.8 m./quarter.(Highly unlikely as budgeting for growth is proceeding).

    However, I believe that the 11.5% growth in q.4, 2002, is too low as ASC is only now taking off.
    Simon, you were budgeting for higher results and true, ASC is budgeting for strong growth. I believe we can accomodate the $A effect in these data.

    Earning $5.8-6.5 mill in the current June quarter, could result in a handsome return in 2003 and set the stage for 2004 and 2005.

    Based on these data, I believe that ASC's projected result of $23.2 mill. in the year to June 30, 2003, could be met.

    We need the June quarterly report for confirmation. This is to appear at the end of July.

    Those are my opinions.

    Disclaimer: Outcomes may be different than projected. Readers are not asked to buy, hold or sell ASC or its options; to do so will be entirely at their own risk".

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