Could we please discuss normal cars,

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    While I have a keen interest in cars generally, I am fed up with all
    this EV waffle. Lets face it, Australia have very few EVs and the average
    Aussie drives either a petrol or a diesel vehicle.

    There are plenty of interesting developments and areas of concern regarding
    normal vehicles such as new models, diesel vs petrol, used vehicles, tax & insurance,
    end of car manufacture in Aus, costs of repair & maintenance, the economics of ownership-
    hire purchase vs lease, novated lease for company vehicles, fringe benefit tax for cars used on weekends,
    pirate parts vs propriety parts etc,etc.

    The EV debate and the spruiking of Tesla gets a bit boring after a week or so (this has been going on for months)
    and is a turn off for the genuine car enthusiast.

    So how about it, drop the EV chatter for a while and concentrate on the main game which is
    petrol and diesel vehicles.

    Thank you
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