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could the project be the lucky draw gold mine

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    I reckon the new Republic project may be somewhere in Australia. I do not believe that it is in FNQ or I reckon I would have heard a rumour from my brother and other friends who live there.

    I have had a look around the SA uranium project notices and information and I have not seen anything there about Republic and SA is widely reported because of the Uranium.

    So if the new project is near an existing project my guess is its near Burraga as it is accessible from an existing Republic projects. This may be mad logic but that is my current view because of a mad thought about being able to move from site to site - just like Republic can between Tregoora, West Whumball and Mt Carbine etc

    I have done some research and looking up things and found the Lucky Draw Gold mine. Check the following URL: from Lachaln Star

    The Project area has a history of mining at the nearby Burraga Copper mine 10km southwest and more recently at the Lucky Draw Gold Mine 10km west of the tenement. The Lucky Draw Gold Mine was reported to have Reserves of 1.5Mt grading 3.5g/t Au and produced in the order of 200,000 ounces of gold between 1988 and 1991. - This was in a release by Lachlan Star.

    Now in the REPUBLIC GOLD LIMITED - QUARTERLY REPORT DECEMBER 2006 i found the following

    * Republic Gold Limited holds 75% of the Northcote and Lucky Draw Projects and 90% of the Atric and Reedy Projects forming the Hodgkinson Basin Other Group.

    We have heard about Northcote but I have not heard much about the Lucky Star project - with the price of gold so high you never know.

    This is a wild guess on my behalf so what do you guys and gals on Hotcopper reckon - we will not know till there is an announcement but we can ponder


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