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    My research has revealed that two secondary Uranium tenements are due to be granted in 'a couple of months'. The two tenaments are located to the west of the recently acquired tenement - right in the sweet spot...

    A part of the announcement reads:
    "The eastern application has excellent potential to host a calcrete deposit similar to Langer Heinrich or Spitskoppe to the south. A ground survey has identified a significant amount of calcrete within the application area. The well defined drainage system is towards the west suggesting the Erongo granites are a likely source of Uranium. The depth of the sediment is unknown but in the Spitskoppe area to the south calcretes are in excess of 30 metres.

    The western application has the potential to host both granitic and secondary mineralisation. A major regional lineament transgresses the property and could possibly be enriched with uranium. Two significant uranium occurences have previously been reported along the lineament."

    What do you reckon that these tenenments will do to a rampaging sp?
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Currently unlisted public company.

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