SSI 0.00% 28.0¢ sino strategic international limited

"could easily double again"

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    If you look at Worldmetal listed in HK currently trading at HK$2.3 with a Market Cap of approx close to $650mil for its PROPOSED JV with Tabcorp 1/3 Worldmetal 2/3 Tabcorp.

    This JV has no permits to operate gambling in China,so far the best they can hope for is TABCORPS technology may be eventually accepted and paid for on a % of turnover (approx 1%)

    compared to SSI/China Gameing with possible 80 mill fully diluted (Carmicael Report) which has 750 permits for Shanghai and inexcess of 1000 locations ...

    Reports back from China have the first of these type of permits recieveng revenues over $50,000 /day

    SSI/GE could expect a net of 6%

    If on TAB/Worldmetal pricing listed in HK... its JV has a Market Cap of over $2bill (3x650) then SSI could see $25 on this scale
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