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Could Anteo be a Takeover Target?

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    I am a new Anteo holder after becoming convinced of the fundamentals of the company. I have been accumulating over the past few months (but before it reached it recent lows unfortunately). I have read many posts on HC going back months. There is a lot of good technical information there from very knowledgeable holders (much beyond my comprehension). But there is one aspect I could not find discussed….ie. Could Anteo be a takeover target? Everyone seems to be hanging on a deal of some sort where a large multinational company signs up to use M&G. But why would they do that and then allow their competitors to do the same. Surely if a large company like Philips became convinced of its worth they would take out Anteo and keep the technology of M&G for themselves and develop a clear competitive advantage in the industry. I mean Philips could buy Anteo with petty cash. Or am I missing something here?
    I am not a scientist or health professional so please go easy on my question. So my question is would the “deal” we are all waiting for be a takeover? If so what price do you think would be offered?
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