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costs of production

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    Here is an extract from an article about BHP and the Macedon gas project.

    "It has an estimated to contain at least 1.2trillion cubic feet of gas, is not slated for development before 2013. It will probably cost BHP Billiton about $500 million to bring into production at a projected rate of about 150 terajoules a day."

    The 1.2 trillion corresponds to approximately 1200Pj. That works out to be approximately $400,000 per 1Pj of production.

    the reason why i raised this was that some posters alluded to the fact that CSG was highly capital intensive and long pay back.

    It is expected that Glouster will be on similar size, but MPO only having 30%. Any body have an idea how much it would cost to develop such a field to produce the same 150Tj a day
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