corruption in the public service+swans hands

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    swans hands are all over this....the public servants are supposed to be independent of the govt....
    the libs never released policy information
    the libs never asked treasury to cost it
    so why did swan instruct staff to dream up these figures
    A= to make the libs looke bad
    in fact it is unlawful to ask the servants to work on figures, unless and until they receive instructions from the libs

    on the other hand, the greens asked treasury to cost their policies, but swan and treasury refuse to release them

    even the commission in charge has declared what swan has done is unlawful, re the libs figures
    and has demanded treasury release the greens costings
    (we suspect the greens policies are really out of whack)

    can you see the extent of the corruption, the lies and fabrications, that labor is prepared to go to...
    swan has corrupted the public servants

    oh, and these same public servants should be sacked
    all of swans budget figures have been so out of whack, so wrong, they are laughable
    last budget swan said a deficit of 18 billion, it turned out to be over 43 billion
    unbelieveable incompetetence from swan and his mob of lunatics
    source, radio 2gb discussions with the people involved, the media, and the people fighting the unlawfulness of this news
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