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correction in gold will favour copper

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    In the Australian today in an article titled 'Gold futures hit four-month low on Nymex' the author stated the following:

    'Participants have been turning to growth-sensitive assets like equities and copper, believing those investments will provide a better return than gold as industrial production around the globe continues to gain steam'.

    The authour indicated that the decline in gold price is due to investor confidence in the global economy continuing to build.

    I believe with improved investor confidence in the economy soon we should start to see an improvement in employment and therefore housing stats in the US and Europe. Inflation will remain tight and the perfect environment will have been created for copper use worldwide.

    We have an opportunity to be banging down the door of being an ASX 100 company in the next 2 years if current management takes hold and begins to market CDU correctly.

    I am in total agreement with gjcl, 'the time has come for Wayne to pay a professional to manage the SP of this seriously important component of this terrific company'.

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