Coronavirus Issues and Possible Value Buying?, page-2

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    We are dealing with something no one has seen before.

    The size of the problem can
    be judged by the US Fed and Aussie Reserve
    panic cut in interest rate.

    They are tishing themselves.
    But they are suits in offices
    having meetings with other

    A bit like the ABC, your local shire council
    declaring a climate emergency
    where do these loonies come from?

    It is going on for weeks not days.
    Buyers entered the ASX yesterday
    Their hopes were dashed as
    WallSt fell 3% yesterday and Aussie copied today.

    Tomorrow is still weak
    Punters look at these morons cutting rates
    and think "am I going to spend on new carpet"
    or more likely wait and see.

    I am looking at a dozen stocks to buy
    Oil is weak (diesel 1.40 at pump)
    so WPL - Woodside is at year lows

    Tunnels in Melb are tainted with toxic soil
    Vic government want to dump cancer/PFAS
    soil in the veggie growing area of Werribee.

    So TCL Transurban looks rocky but
    has bits of paper guaranteeing future revenue streams

    Do you have to be a loony to be in office?

    My local council Mornington Peninsula Shire
    has issued a climate emergency.
    They look like normal people - but are not.

    It has been the coldest "summer" can remember.
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