Coronavirus Issues and Possible Value Buying?

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    Just wondering if any long term investors have found any good long term value buys after the recent widespread sell off.
    It seems to me that an overall very expensive market is now merely less expensive - but with the potential to get to a point where good value buying is possible.
    I control a SMSF and two family share portfolios , outside of super. I approached the Coronavirus issue by selling some shares early last week such that all of the funds, whilst still in overall profit, are now cash 30% and shares 70%.
    From what I have been able to ascertain it seems that a vaccine solution (including all test stages) is likely within 18 months. If correct then any further major decreases in share prices in the next several months could represent a good re-entry point for cash balances - I do not think there will be outstanding bargains such as in the GFC just some good value.
    I could well be wrong and left holding 30% cash.

    Old Fisherman
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