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Corona Virus & My Talk with Paul MD/CEO

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    Hi all,

    Firstly before we get into this it's a truly sad turn of event's with what is going on inregards to the 'Corona Virus' and i really hope that a cure is found as cases of it are being found here in Australia (Recently NSW/VIC) and it's truly saddening.

    I'm a new investor so i thought the best way to get up to speed was to do some quick research & try to speak to management... This post is entirely my opinion only and is only intended to help other's get abit more of an understanding of what is on offer here!

    I've had a chat today (Email Conversation) with Paul Hyslop the Managing Directo/CEO of ZNO

    I was given permission to post these emailed discussions i've had with Paul,
    I thought it would be beneficial for fellow investors to glance over!

    -Please Note: This entire post is NOT to be used as financial advice, It forms part of my opinion which is PURE speculation-


    I asked Paul some general stuff/product and if anything had been sent away for testing inregards to the 'Corona Virus' that's spreading and making headlines.

    His response:
    (I've highlighted some point's i found interesting, take from it what you will)
    email 1.jpg
    Attached in the email was also the Test Results from 2014 (Link for it will be below)

    Front Page (1 of 21) Microbe Shield .jpg
    -I am no Scientist/Medical Expert so i really just looked at the Results & Conclusions, they're attached below (Make of it what you will)
    -Anybody wanting to read the full document is welcomed to do so

    Results 1.jpg

    I asked if it was the same Microbe Shield that had results done (as above)

    His Response:
    -Once again highlighted some interesting points
    -"Have geared production up quickly to meet new orders"
    -Whilst making this post a couple poster's have just posted screenshots of what looks to be Chinese people mentioning ZNO

    @Key Sole's Post (Click Here)
    @paulman 's Post (Click Here)

    Could it be that's why we've seen "Geared production up quickly to meet new orders." ??
    email 2.jpg


    I then ask Paul as to whether he's gotten incontact with people here in Australia after we've seen multiple cases popping up in Sydney/Melbourne.

    His response:
    email 3.jpg


    Zoono Z-71 Microbe Shield (09.07.2014) Test Results:
    -I've never shared files before so im not sure how great these site's are, they're both the same file... Uploaded to 2x Services just incase.

    Link 1: https://gofile.io/?c=urJzWK

    Link 2: https://easyupload.io/yexcio

    With all this being said, i feel as though this isn't just all hype and there is some very interesting results in previous test's showing potentially promising results for this new Corona Virus... Whether ZNO will be the one's to stop Corona Virus we don't know...
    -Just to reiterate, this post should not be used as financial advice as it's purely my opinion only and speculation and is apart of research into the company i thought would be worth sharing-
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