cornflakes go up awc goes down

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    As of last Monday....commodities movements

    Copper 26% (good for arthritis and bank accts)
    Corn 26% (Cornflakes go up)
    Aluminium 23% (AWC and Alcoa go down)
    Tin 22% (and to think I just threw some on the tip)
    Platinum 15%
    Palladium 15%
    Lead 14%
    Silver 13% (I think I like silver)
    Nickel 12% (and nickel)
    Crude oil 10% (make $$$$$$$$$)
    Soybean oil 8% (or drink it...both good)
    Gold 5% (watch this little number grow)
    Sugar 4% (what no choccies?)
    Soybeans 1%
    Cotton -1%
    Wheat -2% (why aren't weeties cheaper?)
    Zinc -3% (sigh my poor AAR)
    Coffee -6% (coffee not good for you anyway)
    Live Cattle -10%
    Lean Hogs -14% (lol...lean hogs...oxymoron)
    Rubber -17% (have more safe sex you young people)
    Pork Bellies -20% (eeeuuuw!)
    Orange Juice -23% (nearly winter watch this go up)
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