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Still a long way to go to bring in a price of 6.8cps which...

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    Still a long way to go to bring in a price of 6.8cps which represents the average price of shares at time of capital raising together with the discounted price of the new shares issued as result of raising, i.e.,1.2c share loss per share or 16%. SOLG remains at around the 20p mark which is way ahead of the value of 11p when this capital raising occurred. So DGR capital raising has been an absolute failure in securing any increase in DGR's shareholdings value other than raising money to keep failed daughter companies afloat. Only a few hundred thousand dollars actually remains in DGR's bank account so another capital raising is well on the cards in the near future. And all while we pay Mather nearly a millilon dollars, independent of SOLG's US$3.6 million dollars, for the his outstanding management skills of DGR and sub companies. Perhaps it does explain why DGR's share value is where it is, when you take the dilution into account resulting from the latest capital raising by SOLG which DGR wasn't invited to participate in. DGR's interest in SOLG would have dropped percentage points from 10.6% to around 9% or less. Lets not forget that our CEO and other members of both boards and our company secretary are one and the same. The tragedy is that we let him get away with it!
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