corned silverside - overstocked at $3/kg

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    what a bargain .. watso snapped up corned silverside at slightly less than $3/kg.

    the meat is salted and in vacuum sealed bags (cyrovac - or whatever) .. and should be good in the fridge (ie not freezer) for a few years ..

    watso spotted the meat on his afternoon rtc hunt yesterday - and the meat was priced at about $4.50/kg - but the use by date was 29 july (ie today) .. and there was plenty of stock - and larger portions (maybe between 2.5 and 3.5kg)..

    watso was not greedy - and picked up only 3 portions for himself - leaving plenty for others .

    mmmm might be worth checking out again for the afternoon hunt - maybe it will be cheaper again ...mmm if so, then watso might pick up a few more .. should make good wedding presents (or christmas or birthday etc etc)
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