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Copywrite and Pirating Delemor

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    From #Jack the Acc post on Charting thread-
    I'm still interested to see MPAA and ACE's plan moving forward and their allocation of budget to new and innovative technologies in the way of provenance etc. "With the internal structure of ACE now revealed, all that remains is to discover the contents of the initiative’s ‘Global Anti-Piracy Action Plan’. To date, that document has proven elusive but with an operation of such magnitude, future leaks are a distinct possibility."For those who missed this development last year:

    Thanks Jack for raising this subject because it is so relevant worldwide and to Linius-

    Quoted from the article-
    Under the new rules, Google and other online platforms will have to sign licensing agreements with rights holders such as musicians, performers, authors, news publishers and journalists to use their work online.

    I believe that for music type copywrite blockchain is being used to provide proper ownership and monetary disbursement- which leaves video and the film industry.
    At present the F&V industries are using the law to force telcos to block pirating sites- but this is just the tip of the iceberg and other site are protesting against these measures (youTube etc)
    Ultimately blockchain is the only way to police ownership and rights holders of proper automatic reimbursement for the use of their product.
    Cisco appears to have whole Video virtualisation systems available- so why are they not the industry standard and how was Linius able to claim -
    World's first virtual-video blockchain test on 19 Feb 2019.
    Linius has stated that others can do some things like Linius's technology but not all- and this appears to be an example and what a huge example it is.
    One of the things that is holding Linius back is that it is not an american company and you can bet the MAGA types are searching, searching for an american alternative, but under the ACE charter individual members have the right to pursue their own solution at their own cost and hence Warner Bros and Village Roadshow efforts.
    I haven't been able to establish any other efforts except for Apple trialing something involving the making of a movie which is something that WB-VRshow are also doing-
    All help and input from members is appreciated because this is at the cutting edge of Linius's success
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