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    Emailed exco just after it was released that sol had bought into the company.Asked about the possibility of exco jumping into bed with copperchem and using their facility as it was being upgraded at the time.

    Michael being the 'true' professional he is, emailed me back within the day and explained that any commerical discussion that would promote the development of CCP and would be in the best interests of its shareholders, would be welcomed.Obviously his answer was pretty textbook given his position in the company.However,it does show me that whatever we have been thinking about on hotcopper,Michael and the boys at exco land have played the game well before us.

    Michael has a brilliant flair for promoting the company.I sometimes wonder how often he can keep presenting excos virtues at roadshows and other venues,time after time.Forget for a minute he is paid to do this and that he has a vested interest in the company--I believe he is pushed by a real passion and love for this 'little' company, to one day fly with the big boys.Yes,making money is part of the deal but by no means the whole deal.Michael and team know what their sitting on--and he and team want to do it and its shareholders justice.He is the Eddie Mcguire of the mining industry.Even if you hate eddie, you have to admire his drive and passion.

    Michael/team will find a way forward for our 'little' company-they have in the past, they will into the future.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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