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copped a mention in fin review yesterday, page-8

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    Your quite right Oz, seems any good news gets lost in this market atm. Very hard for any successful company to gain any traction esp in oil sector atm
    But these things all turn in cycles and sometimes it pays hansomely to stick to your convictions (having done DD) and ignore the market noise.
    All depends on your timeframes and level of conviction
    Personally i dont believe that oil price will remain this low for more than 3-6 months before returning to a more 'normal' range around US$80-90. Sure most of the world is in or entering a recession but just as this is true it is also true that said economies will then emerge from recession and continue with more 'normal' growth rates and levels of oil consumption. China has released the genie from the bottle and cannot change its course and India is only a few years behind developmentally (possibly followed by Indonesia), the numbers are staggering.
    Remember stock market is a forward looking beast and atm the light at the end of the tunnel appears to be a fully loaded freight train. Nothing but doom and gloom. I have never seen so much fear and uncertainty so widespread.
    There is a lot of money sitting on the sidelines atm and sooner or later that money will be put back to work, hopefully future investment decisions will be more discerning than in past year or so and targetted at solid, profitable entities with a proven sustainable business model. need i say it ie. Amadeus
    Monthly exploration report out now , going to have a read
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