HDR hardman resources limited

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    Mr P90 - 14 Jan'05 - 09:47 - 2663 of 2665

    I'm hearing that the WN has to drill a couple of top holes for CHinguetti and then spend a few days doing something else. Shouldn't take more than a couple of weeks IMO. Then they are scheduled back to Tiof-6 for the flow test.

    Mid to end of feb for the results I would expect. Tiof and CHinguetti sands are very similar. I would expect very similar flowrates (hopefully less pressure dorp because it is a much larger accumlation) provided of course they don't have more "technical difficulties" with the completion...

    All imho, DYOR etc etc


    djalan - 14 Jan'05 - 11:36 - 2664 of 2665

    Mr P90
    Thanks for that

    After the drilling update on Tuesday, did you read on HotCopper that some of the members there were not happy with the wording and info, ie, not enough detail

    Some went as far as to complain to the Oz S/Exchange

    The very next day we got a further update showing 120+ metres oil, no water contact etc

    imho Woodside were nudged by Oz S/E to provide more info

    Woodside know who is sniffing around, they want to stifle info for fear of being taken over, or Hardman being taken out

    All imho, dyor

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