cooler day in perth

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    a cooler day in perth, and watso takes the opportunity to work on a few bikes that he has previously collected from kerbside.

    one bike that watso picked up about 5 years ago, was always worth a second look - but there were a few problems with the bike - with the gears and the steering - but it was obviously a bike for the race track - and this little baby is ready for watso's self imposed time trials.

    during the week, watso actually paid $100 for a vintage road bike at a garage sale - sure watso has heaps of bikes - but this little baby moves - so watso lashed out the $100 - and did not even bother trying to knock the price down .

    watso does not have a car - so how much does watso save by not having a car - well, watso read somewhere, the the cash cost of having a car is $4000 per annum (ie cash cost, but excluding depreciation) - which would be fuel, insurance, license fees etc.

    lol - if watso pays $100 for a good road bike, then that is chicken feed, compared to the cost of running a car .

    mmmm watso probably has about 1 dozen superb bikes in his collection - and another dozen in good condition
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