convict's sperm saga ends

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    New York Convict's Sperm Saga Ends
    Sat Feb 15, 8:58 AM ET

    PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) - A saga over the frozen sperm of a reputed New York mobster who smuggled it out of prison to impregnate his wife has come to an end with its destruction, a prosecutor said this week.

    Antonino Parlavecchio was one of several inmates at Allenwood prison in northern Pennsylvania indicted for bribing guards to traffic the sperm, Assistant U.S. Attorney Wayne Samuelson said Thursday.

    "This was an organized crime thing," Samuelson said. "I have never encountered anything quite like it."

    Parlavecchio, his wife, Maria, and Troy Kemmerer, a guard at Allenwood, were tried and convicted for their roles in the plot in 2002.

    Parlavecchio, who was serving a sentence for loan-sharking and racketeering, was sentenced to an additional six months. His wife pleaded guilty and is serving a year of probation. Kemmerer was sentenced to 27 months in prison.

    The fate of the smuggled sperm had remained undecided because the Parlavecchios had petitioned to keep it for its original purpose.

    A U.S. District Court judge had ordered it destroyed and an appeals court had upheld the decision in January, Samuelson said.

    He said that when the Parlavecchios decided not to appeal further, the sperm was disposed of Feb. 4.

    I thought that normally in goal the sperm went in the back door, but in this case it went out the front door..LOL

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