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    Just pondering how the conversations might be flowing between BGS (Kevin Joyce) and RG (Mark Bristow).
    MB: Hey Kev, we are running short soon mate, hows it going over there? Found much?
    KJ: Yeah mate, kicking a few goals actually, found 2 deposits already from surface, onto a 3rd I think but currently doing another round of RC there to really confirm if we can lock in 3 deposits so far.
    MB: sheet ey, 3 in 18 months isn’t bad, definitely kicking a goal or 2 mate… we could definitely do with some ore, we are out real soon and looking at doing some crappy tailings which will only keep the employees and community happy, which still isn’t a bad thing. Im looking to make some more money though out of our plant, you got any high grade stuff?
    KJ: Yeah Mark, we do. You already know about Ntoila, but Viper, our 2nd find, we have hit 3 – 9 gpt grades at some solid intervals, but guess what, strikes twice the size of Ntoila. Not bad ey? We haven’t fully defined Viper at depth though so we possibly have even more upside as we are currently drilling to 250m depth with a Diamond Drill rig.
    MB: Kev, you trying to screw us at the negotiation table are ya? Going for the hail mary to see if Morila the Gorilla is down there?
    KJ: Well you cant blame us mate, when you guys went deep, look what you found! Want another one??
    MB: Well theres plenty of cash to be made if that happens so I guess I am, but to be honest, if you keep finding more of the same, I think we can still kick a few more goals… We are on the same team here Kev! Any news on the horizon?
    KJ: Well we are going for our 3rd deposit, its called Koting, some overburden appears to have masked what could be a thick and large gold ore body, still work to do, but signs are promising considering we have only chucked a few rods down there. I really like the early signs of this prospect.
    MB: So 3 deposits ey? Looks like you are achieving what BGS set out to do, build up a multi million ounce gold inventory.
    KJ: Well both you and I know this can work, I just want to make sure that if we are ready to go, we are ready to take off like a Tiger…. Rawwwwrrrrrrr…
    MB: hahahah Kev, settle down.
    KJ: Sorry, im just excited.
    MB: I can understand mate, keep doing what your doing and lets see what happens after Koting… I don’t want to hold this off much longer as my plant is gagging some feed… its getting hungry.. just make sure that you guys have done all the other things you can do prior to any further dealings.
    KJ: Initial EIS, Metallurgy are done mate, things looking good our end.
    MB: Things are looking very good mate, in fact, heres some cash, you keep kicking goals and finding more so that once we are good to go, we have an ever growing inventory base… This ground we have is pregnant as!
    KJ: I know mate, im not a saffa, but ive spent that much time in Africa that I bloody well should be.
    MB: Hahahahaha. Well Kev, as you know, I have the leanest company in the world to run and I am a very busy man so I must go, but im going to be going to the gym soon to beef up my right arm that way we get something fair out of this deal. You appear to be gaining momentum in this friendly arm wrestle.
    KJ: Well I might be injecting steroids in my right arm if Viper hits big, but happy to settle fair if we don’t, theres plenty to go around.
    MB: Lets just wait and see buddy.
    KJ: 30 days you will know.
    MB: I cant wait mate, my plant is hungry, in fact so am I, the wife is sorting out a huge feed that I cant wait to dominate. Want to come over and share? Few beers?
    KJ: Bloody oath.

    I reckon i'm not too far off
    have a good weekend all.
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