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    I have recently seen articles on the subject of town water
    being contaminated by U mining, it was related directly to
    Colorado but it did not mention the Taylor Ranch region.
    The people wanted the authority with the power to make a
    ruling, the authority declined to do so, END OF STORY for
    now. Theres not a mining company out there that isn't
    subjected to all sorts of objections from the people when
    it concerns where they live or the envirment, it was no
    different to the announcment this past week that PDN &
    cameco won the bid to explore for U in the NT. The news
    also showed a woman on TV concerned it may contaminate
    the water, this is why it takes time to start up a mine
    and why we have envirmental studies, its no huge problem
    and if it is it may be why another article I saw late
    2007 stated that all new mining for U in the USA would be
    open cut and underground, no ISL mentioned and nor has
    BLR mentioned it either. It concerned me at that time
    because like most of us I think, I did think BLR would be
    ISL, but they have stated they are not. USA will be faster
    to mine U than Qld - WA all is still on track for BLR.

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