Control of Science in Australia

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    A friend of my is a researcher in her early career. She is thinking about giving up her medical research career becoz the funding is currently 'controlled' or determined by a small established lab heads. In her opinion many lab work on a disease for many years without coming up with a suitable treatment. They often have different angle and tend to promote that all angles as the best idea. She think it is a bit of a contradiction in their promotion of their science because if one solution work best then the other approaches may not be the best. And yet these lab get funding for one idea after another. Because of their position in the hierarchy they can exert a lot of power in what is funded and what is not. She thinks it is unfair because if you believe in one then you should not also promote the other theory or approach as the right way.
    Just like to hear some opinions on this. Is she right in her argument or just a bit bitter?
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