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continuous director buying

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    It seems ridiculous for the Directors to be putting out ANNs with such low investments... I looked into this company when I good chunk was bought at approx 90c. Now in the 1.2s they keep releasing Director buys...last one I read was for $120 in full...

    When Directors buy biggish then smaller later on at higher prices that an indication to me that they are looking to offload a lot- IMO.

    Patties is fair market value at 1.2- IMO. A good\bad half yearly report may revise this. I should have hung onto the shares and sold them at todays prices. Oh well...

    They have some yummy cheap products and will always be priced around a PE of 12- IMO. They are 'Fair Market Value' now- IMO.

    Half yearly EPS= 5c- IMO. If they 7+c then they value. Good dividends- defensive play
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